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Fukuoka police arrest more members of notorious Kudo-kai crime syndicate

Fukuoka prefectural police continued cracking down on the Kudo-kai crime syndicate with the rearrests Oct. 1 of its two top leaders along with the arrests of seven other members in connection with the...

Panel to discuss stricter punishments for sex crimes

The Justice Ministry will set up a panel to discuss measures to impose tougher penalties for sex crimes, including revisions of laws that make robbery a more heinous crime than rape. (Asahi)

Shinkansen marks 50th anniversary

Japan's Shinkansen bullet-train has marked its 50th anniversary. The first Shinkansen between Tokyo and Osaka debuted on October 1st, 1964, ahead of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. (NHK)

Japan economic recovery slow 6 months after tax hike

Japan's economic recovery has been tardy six months after the nation's consumption tax was raised to 8 pct from 5 pct on April 1, due in part to bad weather in summer and slow wage growth relative to ...

Lawyer wants Sankei reporter to be allowed to leave S. Korea

The lawyer for Tatsuya Kato, a Sankei Shimbun reporter investigated by Seoul prosecutors for alleged defamation of South Korea's President Park Geun-hye, has submitted a written request for an immedia...

Sentence confirmed for Ozawa's ex-aide

Japan's Supreme Court has confirmed the 2-year prison sentence of a former secretary of opposition leader Ichiro Ozawa in connection with a political funding scandal. (NHK)

Nikkei falls as Hong Kong closed for business

With Chinese and Hong Kong markets closed, Nikkei closed down 0.56% and the MSCI Asia index was down 0.4%. (

Man kicked to death in argument over ramen shop seat

A Japanese man who allegedly kicked a fellow diner to death in a fight over seats in a ramen eatery calmly returned to his food as the other man lay dying, media reported Tuesday. (Japan Today)

Asian Games swimmer Tomita pays fine for camera theft

Japanese swimmer Naoya Tomita was given the green light Tuesday to leave South Korea after paying a one million won ($950) fine for stealing a journalist's camera during the Asian Games. (Japan Today)

Once seen as boon, falling yen may now be bane to Japan Inc.

The Japanese currency's exceptionally fast slide, slipping some 7 yen against the dollar since late August, is now worrying industry leaders who had previously welcomed its depreciation. (Nikkei)

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