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Nikkei surges on brisk economic data, falling oil prices

Stocks rose sharply Friday, with buying inspired by brisk economic data in Japan and hopes for reduced fuel costs following drops in crude oil overnight. (Japan Times)

Japanese man crowned World's Best Santa at 2014 Santa Winter Games

In the mining town of Gällivare, located in the Swedish section of Lapland, contestants have gathered for the Santa Winter Games. (

Tokyo oil prices tumble after OPEC decision

Crude oil futures in Tokyo have hit their lowest level in nearly 2 years after OPEC decided not to cut its output target. (NHK)

JAXA postpones asteroid probe launch

Japan's space agency says it will put off the launch of an asteroid probe that was scheduled for Sunday. (NHK)

Tokyo police: More foreigners targeted by touts

Tokyo police say a growing number of foreign tourists are being overcharged after being targeted by touts in one of the capital's major entertainment districts. (NHK)

Japan's improving employment figures

Japan's unemployment rate improved in October to 3.5 percent. Officials at the internal affairs ministry said on Friday that the jobless rate for last month fell by 0.1 percentage points from the 3.6 ...

Lamborghinis in Japan: the $1.2 million drive

Scything along an expressway towards Japan's north coast in one of the most expensive sports cars on the planet, sublime threatens to take a left turn towards ridiculous as first one snowflake and the...

Adult nappies 'outsell baby nappies'

Adult nappies are outselling nappies for babies in Japan, analysts at Pew Research Center believe. (

Qantas access to Haneda to increase capacity to Japan

The number of flights between Australia and Japan will increase after Qantas ­Airways was granted a coveted peak-time slot at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, which is much closer to the city's centre than ­Na...

E-cigarettes have 10 times more carcinogens: Japan researchers

E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times the amount of cancer-causing agents as regular tobacco, Japanese scientists said Thursday (Nov 27), the latest blow to an invention once heralded as less harmful th...

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