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JR express trains narrowly avert head-on collision

A limited express train in Saga Prefecture, southwestern Japan was forced to make an emergency stop and narrowly escaped a head-on collision. No passengers were injured. (NHK)

Tokyo Skytree to renovate elevators for more wind resistance

After disappointing many visitors by blocking access during windy weather, the operator of Tokyo Skytree decided to beef up the elevators to keep the attraction open even when it gets gusty. (Nikkei)

Rare rainbow-like phenomenon observed

A rare rainbow-like phenomenon among thin clouds in the sky was seen over part of Japan. (NHK)

China unhappy with Yasukuni visit by Japan's First Lady

China expressed displeasure on Friday with a visit to war-related Yasukuni Shrine by Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (Jiji Press)

'Weapons-ban treaty' deleted from N-draft / NPT draft also leaves out call for Japan visits

The words "a nuclear-weapons-ban treaty" have been deleted from the president's draft text on nuclear disarmament scheduled to be adopted at the ongoing review of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. ...

Artistic pufferfish make top 10 new species list

Fugu pufferfish that make beautiful "crop circles" on the seabed off Amami-Oshima island in Kagoshima Prefecture have been chosen as one of the top 10 new species for 2015 by an international research...

2 Hokkaido melons auctioned for 1.5 million yen

A pair of premium melons from Hokkaido, northern Japan, has fetched a price of 1.5 million yen, or about 12,500 dollars, in this year's first auction for the fruit. (NHK)

Jetstar apologies for barring disabled traveler from flight home

Jetstar Asia Airways apologized Thursday for refusing to allow a 38-year-old man with cerebral palsy to board a flight from Bangkok to Japan last year. ()

Tokyo police bust 2 Kabukicho clubs for overcharging

In a crackdown on overcharging of customers, Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday announced the bust of two hostess clubs in Shinjuku Ward for overcharging customers, reports the TBS News (May 22). (To...

Tokyo shares end higher on BOJ's policy continuance

Tokyo shares ended higher on Friday with the benchmark Nikkei index logging a sixth straight day of gaining on the Bank of Japan's decision to maintain its ultra- loose monetary policy. (shanghaidaily...

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