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Chinese captain arrested for coral poaching

The Japan Coast Guard says a Chinese captain has been arrested on suspicion of coral poaching in Japan's territorial waters. (NHK)

Eco-car tax break likely for minicars

The government and the ruling parties will likely add the minivehicle tax to the list of taxes subject to reduction for eco-friendly cars, starting in fiscal 2015, government sources said. (The Japan ...

67.9-B.-yen beer coupons left unused in Japan

Beer coupons worth a total of 67.9 billion yen have yet to be used by Japanese households, a liquor industry survey revealed Saturday. (Jiji Press)

Idemitsu considering acquisition of Showa Shell

Japan's second largest oil distributor Idemitsu Kosan is considering acquiring the 5th-ranked Showa Shell Sekiyu through a tender offer. (NHK)

Year-end cleaning at Honganji temples in Kyoto

Buddhist monks and believers have come together in an annual year-end event to clean up two major temples in Kyoto. (NHK)

Japan aims to entice foreign visitors to rural attractions

With the number of visitors to Japan expected to surpass 13 million for the first time in 2014, attracting visitors to tourist spots away from big cities is a major challenge to overcome for the achie...

Prosecutors question ex-Your Party leader Watanabe

Public prosecutors questioned former Your Party leader Yoshimi Watanabe over his massive borrowings, informed sources have said. (Jiji Press)

Suica sale halted as crowd swamps Tokyo Station

Sales of special Suica cards to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Station were canceled soon after they began Saturday, as a large crowd of people flooded the area. (The Japan ...

TEPCO finishes removing fuel from pool at Fukushima N-plant

Tokyo Electric Power Co. finished on Saturday removing all nuclear fuel assemblies from the cooling pool at the No. 4 reactor building at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. (Jiji Press)

Beautiful Kinkakuji temple even cooler under blanket of snow

Japan has recently been reveling in just how darn pretty the famous Kinkakuji temple in Kyoto looks with freshly fallen snow. (

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