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Japan wants to build Boeing's next-gen commercial plane

When it comes to commercial airplane sales, Airbus has been eating Boeing's BA lunch lately. But according to a report Friday in the Nikkei Asian Review, a trio of Japanese conglomerates wants to ride...

Mazda launches CX-9 production in Japan

Mazda Motor Corp. has started production of the redesigned CX-9 three-row crossover, a vehicle that plays an important roll in the brand's strategy to expand sales. (

Getting away with murder: Is Japan's low autopsy rate hiding killers?

Dubbed the "Black Widow" after the mate-eating spider, Chisako Kakehi awaits trial: Initially arrested on suspicion of murdering eight lovers for insurance payouts, her case is notorious in Japan as m...

Lotte chairman faces renewed challenge from disgruntled brother

Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin faced another leadership challenge from his older brother, who escalated the power struggle atop the Korean-Japanese retail conglomerate by launching a campaign to o...

Ringleader's daughter-in-law gets 23 yrs over Amagasaki murders

The Kobe District Court on Friday sentenced the daughter-in-law of a woman, who is believed to have masterminded a series of murders in the western Japan city of Amagasaki, to 23 years in prison. (Jap...

Tepco inches closer to restarting reactors

Tokyo Electric Power, whose Fukushima Daiichi power plant was the scene of a nuclear disaster nearly five years ago, may get approval to resume nuclear power generation at another facility as soon as ...

Media tour held for huge car transport ship

A newly-built, huge, eco-friendly vehicle transportation ship has been shown to media. (NHK)

Top Japanese policymakers on high alert as Nikkei, yen threatens Abenomics

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has held a meeting with his top financial diplomat, as well as the Bank of Japan's governor, amid a report the "architect of Abenomics" had called for a Group of 20-...

N. Korea totally stops probe of Japanese abductees

North Korea on Friday declared the scrapping of its comprehensive investigation into the issue of Japanese nationals abducted to the country decades ago, in retaliation against Tokyo's decision to imp...

Toothy alligator gars devouring native fish

Some of the world's largest freshwater fish, known to reach lengths of up to three meters, garfish such as alligator gars are expanding their habitat, causing serious ecological damage by eating popul...

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