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Osaka cops: Truck plows into yakuza-affiliated okonomiyaki shop

Osaka Prefectural Police have launched an investigation after a truck rammed a savoury pancake shop affiliated with an organized crime group in Kishiwada City, an incident that might be related to an ...

Emperor, prince may trade homes

The government is considering exchanging the residences of the Emperor and the crown prince if the Emperor abdicates, it has been learned. (

Footage shows rare Amami rabbit killed by cat

A team of researchers in Japan has succeeded in filming the moment when an Amami rabbit, a rare species, was preyed on by a feral cat. (NHK)

New Yokozuna Kisenosato wins Emperor's Cup

In sumo, newly-promoted Yokozuna or grand champion Kisenosato came from behind to win his 2nd Emperor's Cup in a row. (NHK)

Shinkansen effects on tourism in Hokkaido still limited

In the year after the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen high-speed railway service, the number of visitors increased mainly in Hakodate, southern Hokkaido, the gateway to Japan's northernmost main is...

British nationals accused in smuggling Y300 million in drugs through Narita

Two male British nationals have been accused in the smuggling of more than 300 million yen in stimulant drugs into Japan from Turkey earlier this month, police said on Friday, reports Chiba Nippo (tok...

Tokyo publisher drops yakuza magazine after 3 decades

Gangsters, tattoos, sex - a winning formula for more than three decades is coming to an end for one Tokyo-based publication. (

Body of missing Vietnamese girl found near Tokyo

The body of a girl was found near a drainage ditch in Abiko, Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, on Sunday and she was identified as a nine-year-old Vietnamese girl who went missing in the Chiba city of ...

Sakurajima volcano: new explosive eruption

After several months of quiet, a vulcanian-type explosion occurred this afternoon (25 Mar) shortly after 18h local time(18:03). (

Japan's extreme recluses are coming together to create a newspaper for social outcasts

For most of his twenties, Naohiro Kimura was a recluse who often spent days shut inside his apartment. Since emerging from his reclusive state last spring, though, he has become the editor of a monthl...

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