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Biopesticide Ladybug Developed in Japan

An agricultural research center in western Japan has developed and commercialized a ladybug as a biopesticide. (Jiji Press)

Man questioned by police after building 'girl' out of plastic bottles, taking her out on a date

Inventor and performance artist Showta Mori has been getting a taste of internet fame recently for his videos featuring his quick-draw, arm-mounted iPhone sleeve gun, but that's far from his only crea...

Yamaguchi-gumi boss joins Facebook?

Earlier this year, a number of news outlets covered last year's launch of a Web site for the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's largest organized crime group. (Tokyo Reporter)

Lawyer accidentally supports the armament of Japan with flawed cartoon reference

On 16 July Sapporo Attorney Ayako Ito made a visit to Sapporo Kotoni Technical High School to assist the social studies teacher Shiego Kawahara in an important lesson regarding the right of collective...

Woman arrested after 5-month-old son dies in car while she plays pachinko

Police in Okinawa on Tuesday arrested a 40-year-old woman after her 5-month-old son died in her car while she played pachinko. (Japan Today)

Man, 22, pleads guilty to girlfriend's murder

A 22-year-old man pleaded guilty Tuesday to stabbing his former girlfriend to death last October in a high-profile stalking-murder case in Mitaka, west Tokyo. (Japan Times)

Benesse says noncustomer data included in leaked info

Information leaked from Benesse Corp. includes personal data on people who have never had a contract with the company, its parent company said Tuesday. (Jiji Press)

Palace moats may get subway water cleanup

The Environment Ministry is considering using groundwater welling up from subway tunnels to improve the water quality in moats surrounding the Imperial Palace, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. (The Ja...

Japan's top convenience stores dominate like never before

The five biggest convenience store operators in Japan claimed more than 90% of the market by sales for the first time in fiscal 2013. (Nikkei)

Starbucks gives caffeine jolt to plans for new stores in Japan

Starbucks Coffee Japan plans to open new outlets at an accelerated pace while shifting its focus from urban centers to suburban areas. (Nikkei)

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